Explore the future of real estate

Check into a property and register 
your interest.

Chat threads can be started straight away

A timeline for your real estate

Change the way how you arrive at inspections

Now you can check a property and register your interest with that agent whether you're there or not. Checking in updates your timeline and lets the agent know you’re interested. 

While you're there you can make notes and take photos of things that matter to you, all stored against that property in your timeline. Forget where you were and who you spoke to? Timeline reminds what properties you inspected and who the listing agent was and when you were there. You can even initiate a chat or pick up the conversation where you left off.


Start a whole new kind of conversation

Working with many real estate agents regarding different properties can quickly become a mess. Phone calls, emails and sms are mixed in with personal and business threads. Remembering who you splike to, when and what was said becomes a blur.

Now you can keep all of your real estate discussions and thoughts in the one place and quickly see who you chatted with, when and what it was about. Connect live and save your chat threads in one easy-to-retrieve place. Most agents are online and if they’re not, they can join for free.


A timeline for your real estate journey

Tracing your steps is now easy and free. You'll create your own footprint, viewable only by you. See where you were, who you chatted with and what you liked. Receive and respond to chats, track your activity and make better informed decisions.

Drill down, revisit, reassess and reconnect with agents that matter to you. And most of all, clean up the mess of brochures, magazines, web portals, business cards and note pads without even thinking about it.

The longer an agent has been using Box+Dice, the more information you’ll see in your timeline. Treasure agents using Box+Dice because they’re typically more organised and value their clients. 


A smarter way to look at real estate.

The App learns about you and your needs while you continue your real estate journey. At the property you can drill down and like/dislike property attributes such as price, location, beds, baths, car spaces etc. Because you do it at the property, our algorithms spin to find the better property for you. 

Rarely do you end up buying the first property you looked at.. Things change and needs evolve as you explore  places to live or invest.

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