The ‘Yellow Cabs’ of real estate

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We all know of the spectacular transition the taxi industry has undergone in recent years and I’d like to point out a few home truths as to how it happened.

Taxi companies were complacent. They were saying things like “people need us to stop for them” and “my car doesn’t have to be clean” and “if I don’t want to turn up, I won’t”. But most importantly, they were not putting their passenger's needs first.

Passengers did not know how far away their taxi’s were after making a booking. They were not sure if the taxi would take them on the best route and they were made to wait on hold during busy periods when attempting to make a booking request.

The truth is the taxi company’s needs were put first and the passengers were asked to work around them and their processes.

Then Uber came along and empowered the passenger with control over the booking process and initiated trust between the driver and the passenger.

Uber created an ‘on-demand’ experience for passengers, giving them control with a sense of safety and efficiency.

The same will happen in real estate for those agents that do what the taxi companies did.

Examples of complacent attitudes include:

“I will call my buyers between 10 and 11am on Tuesdays”
“I don’t want my buyers checking in at my opens”

“I don’t want buyers messaging me. I want to talk to them, when I’m available ”
“I had a queues at my opens today”
“I can only be at your house tomorrow at 3pm or Friday at 2pm”

These attitudes swim in the same pool as the taxi industry before Uber came along and provided a better and more efficient service to customers.

Those who don’t empower their customers, meet their ‘on demand’ needs, and put them at the heart of their organisations will experience a spectacular transition, just like the taxi industry.

It’s time to move with the times. Social CRM is the real estate version of the Uber model.

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