What’s the difference between Box+Dice’s consumer strategy and a web portal?

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Now that Box+Dice is providing consumer services with aggregated listings content, it’s easy to think that we are taking on the web portals at their own game.

After all, a consumer can search in the Box+Dice app just as they can on a real estate web portal. They can also initiate contact with the agent.

So what’s the difference?

The purpose of Box+Dice is to connect agents directly with their customers, live. We think that real estate portals get in the way of the consumer’s buying experience. This is because the web portals understanding of the industry stops at advertising listings.

The reality is that there’s an influx of conversations, appointments, offers, negotiations, tantrums, pest inspections, finance approval, more negotiations and finally a contract is signed.

Box+Dice is a CRM that also provides the vehicle for agents to communicate directly with their clients. It’s called Social CRM.

The content collected benefits agents and not a billion-dollar media giant whose sole purpose is to charge more for listing priority.

The chat content is priceless for you moving forward. Chatting is CRM.

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