The war has begun - Portals vs the Real Estate Agents

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If you think the portals are just where you want them - marketing listings and sending you buyers - then you’re in for a big shock. And the shock has already begun.

Earlier this year, announced their acquisition of Homepass. And we have it on good authority that, with their hundreds of investable millions, are ‘following’ and building a similar upgrade to its App.

So what’s wrong with this?

It means that instead of collecting a flippant email and buying criteria, that the portals are collecting your buyers content - names, addresses, phone numbers, where they are, what they like and dislike and which agents they are dealing with.

So what’s wrong with that?

You (the agent) monetise this information right now either deliberately or subconsciously. You remember it and then use it to connect and stay connected. You use this information to win listings.

So what is the problem?

If you use a web portal’s App to collect buyer information and communicate with your buyers, you are giving this information to the web portals. Make no mistake, at this point, this information belongs to them.

So what is the problem with that?

The purpose of a web portal is to market listings on your behalf and send you the leads. You pay them for the quality and number of buyers they send you. Ever wondered why some portals are very expensive and others aren’t? It’s due to the size of their audience. Some have a large audience and send you lots of leads, others don’t. If you use their App to collect and manage buyers, you are giving that portal your content and growing their audience. You are literally feeding and boosting their business.

This represents a fundamental shift in the web portal’s proposition to you and your customers.

The web portal is currently wedged between you and your customers.

If you do this, don’t complain about their fees rising. And don’t complain about them taking a slice of your commission for introducing your seller to you.

So what can you do?

The new Box+Dice App enables your buyers to connect and communicate directly with you. The data collected is saved in your database and no third party may re-sell it back to you. It is free and always will be.

We can plug into other CRM’s such as Agentbox, MyDesktop and Rex and send them your content easily. We are friends with Rex and Agentbox and they have agreed in principle.

Why are we doing this?

Because this is our job. It is what you pay your CRM to do. That is - enable you to collect meaningful information and manage your clients…. This is CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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