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Asking a real estate agent to thrive using social media to engage with their clients is a bit like asking a painter to paint landscapes using a toothpick. It can be done, but you’ll end up with a very specific and unique type of result.

Social media is just that - it’s social. It is a utility to connect and stay connected with people you would like to be social with. Trying using it for business and things get complicated, however that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for business.

Firstly, connect with those clients that you feel you’ve had a strong, personal connection with -  clients who are demographically similar and, aside from business objectives, people you would actually be friends with offline. Basically, befriending them for genuine reasons.

Next, just be yourself, share holiday pics, pour ice on yourself, or share your kids stories. However, be careful when you like or comment, it’s risky, unless they invite (or imply) you in to chat or comment by relating something to you.

Lastly, make your profile mostly public. Share your life, it’s interesting for consumers - they like to watch and assess. You’ve chosen a public life in real estate.

The real power of social media is the ability to make people feel great at the click of a button. Every “like” and “comment” is social currency. Your social friendships are valuable and act like automatic endorsements for your community to see.

Finally, here are a few other basic rules:
- don’t post listings unless they are interesting and topical
- don’t post success stories or milestones (or maybe one per year)
- don’t express your political views
- and don’t ‘like’ someone’s wife’s bikini photo! 


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