Stop behaving like it’s 2005, the Millennials are coming

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There’s a new generation of real estate customers approaching and they don’t like email, talking and definitely don’t like being told what to do. They’ve grown up with information at their fingertips.This group of humans is referred to as Millennials, or also considered Generation Me. They are detached from institutions and are networked with friends. 

They think that spending 20c on an sms is stupid. They perceive voice phone conversations as voice over internet. They think visually in timelines - that is, scrolling back to find out more. They allow their personal content to be accessed by social engines enabling advertised services to be customised. They think that wading through lists of results (web portals) is ridiculous.

Now think of traditional real estate marketing.

  • board
  • brochures
  • newspapers
  • web portals (which are really still only newspapers online)
  • real estate offices 
  • word of mouth

All but one on this list will survive, and it’s probably not what you think. The last item on the list represents a whole new world that is the epitome of Millennials. They expect technology to increment forward with them in a conversational flow.

The most valuable vehicle for a buyer looking for property is actually word of mouth. That situation where they are actually talking to the agent describing what they want and the agent says “actually, you should have a look at this property….” When considering what technology to invest in in 2016 and beyond, if it doesn’t connect you with your clients, you’re wasting your time and money.

Social technology is coming and what appears as a dying, non relevant item on the list above (word of mouth) will ultimately become ‘the’ list.The search and find aspect of real estate will become automated, Q&A driven and second nature. The intellectual and interactive component is everything. Agents will become more educated due to more stringent entry standards, provide better and more informed consultancy services and most of all have a more important role to play in society.

Box+Dice is at the forefront of this new era with its social crm strategy and we’re excited to announce the release of our Social CRM app. If it doesn’t connect you with your clients, you’re wasting your time and most likely money.


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