Real estate portals are run like newspapers

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Real estate web portals are run like newspapers. That’s because they’re owned by corporations that are famous for news. Fairfax Media owns Domain and News Ltd owns most of REA. So it’s no surprise that their strategies are based on the principle ‘content is king’. That is, cultivate lots of content and the audience will come. It’s what they know and it’s how they’re wired.

Their lack of innovation and technical evolution is contemptuous.

With new technologies, such as the Box+Dice consumer App and other emerging innovations, consumers are being treated with more care and consideration than ever before.

Web portals will soon be forced to shift their business model from offering premium listings to a more sophisticated service that taps into the mindset of the buyers’ experience. A simple call to action of ‘enter, search and click to enquire’ will not cut the mustard in the heat of future technologies.

Box+Dice on the other hand think like real estate people and their consumers. We engineer solutions and get things done. We believe that utility eats content for breakfast. That’s why we focus on adding value to real estate agents and ultimately enabling innovative ways to connect them directly with their customers.

Ultimately, the web portals are nothing more than a vehicle to advertise your listings. They’re actually intruding on your consumer life cycle. You, the agents, are the industry. You make things happen, reap the rewards and suffer the losses. Despite media hype and industry gossip, the industry is much larger than any web portal.

But, the real estate portals constantly engage and aggregate your customers, and unless you as agents cultivate and grow your own database of valuable customers, you’re at risk of being absorbed or held at ransom by a web portal.

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