Re-thinking real estate sales with Reverse-CRM

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We’ve spent the past 18 months rethinking what we do and who we do it for. Our company purpose is, and always will be, to ‘Connect and Stay Connected’. We believe it’s our role to help agents connect and stay connected with clients.

This line of thinking applies social technology to our company’s purpose, and the notion that it takes two parties to connect.

To this end we have released our new Box+Dice App. Aligned with social media platforms, customers can check in and chat with you at your opens/inspections. As a matter of fact, they can check in with you any time.

What’s most important is that once the consumer downloads the app, we put them in touch with you directly. We remind them who they dealt with and where. We’re calling this Reverse-CRM.

Of course this doesn’t remove the need for you to schedule loyalty campaigns and stay connected, however it will make life easier for your clients to connect and remember you.

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