It’s 2017 NOT 2007 so start marketing for Millennials!!

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How do you communicate with people who don’t respond to e-mail, don’t like to waste time talking face-to-face and definitely don’t like to be told what to do via old school direct marketing methods?

You may have already noticed the changing face of our market but if you haven’t it’s safe to say that there is a new generation of real estate customers, a generation who have grown up with information at their fingertips – The Millennials!

This group of individuals are not called ‘Generation Me’ for fun; they are smart, savvy and know exactly what they want. They are focused on authentic, real-time communication therefore they work to deliberately detach themselves from institutions and are highly networked with friends.

For millennials, SMS messages are for mums and phone conversations are simply voice over internet. They think visually with timelines - scrolling back to find out more information only if required. Everything is instantaneous as they allow their personal content to be accessed by social engines, enabling advertised services to be completely customised, which is great for them but makes it increasingly harder for brands to cut through the clutter.

So, you still think that ‘Generation Me’ have time to search through lists of website search results to find you?

NOW apply this theory to traditional real estate marketing:

  • Board
  • Brochures
  • Newspapers
  • Web portals (newspapers online)
  • Real estate offices
  • Word of mouth

All but one method on this list is likely to survive the Millennial takeover, and it’s probably not what you think. The last item on the list represents a whole new world, a world that represents the very essence of Millennial existence. That world is all about word of mouth.

They expect technology to increment forward with them in a conversational flow therefore the most valuable vehicle for a buyer looking for property is word of mouth. Where they are actually talking to the agent describing what they want and the agent says “actually, you should have a look at this property….”

When considering the right technology to invest in from 2017 and beyond, the primary focus should always be connecting you directly with your clients; if it’s not then you are wasting your time and money.

Social technology is here and what is considered to be a fading, non-relevant item on the list above (word of mouth) will actually become ‘the list’ in the not too distant future.

Ultimately, choosing the appropriate technology, such as social CRM will become paramount to the future success of real estate agents.

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