Do your company’s policies put your customers first?

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As a CRM provider, we are constantly asked to create business logic that segregates data and prevents consultants being able to see and act upon company information.

As a result, you may now configure Box+Dice to either tightly segregated data or the total opposite and allow information to freely flow to those that may benefit.

I ask every real estate business leader to think long and hard about these few points:

  • Does your company policy put your customer first?
  • Do you even have policies or rules in writing that aligns your business?
  • Does your CRM configuration benefit your customer and your business?
  • Are your consultants working together as a team?

I put it to the industry that the web portals think differently. They don’t have any need to protect the interests of individuals within their organisation.  

Apart from privacy law obligations, your customers don’t care about agents sharing data. They just want to be treated well and feel important. They rarely care about who is paid a selling commission and they expect professional real estate businesses to operate like other industries do and share their customer data to benefit their customers.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment. Selling and/or buying a home is a pivotal point in most people’s lives. It’s a time when feeling a level of trust, support and professional care is paramount to the process itself.

You (the agent) can only provide this level of service when your customer’s needs are placed at the centre of your priorities list and therefore your company’s policy placement.

The outcome of selling a property is so much more than a dollar figure and a notch on your property sales belt. It’s about being a key figure in changing people’s lives and helping them cross over to the next phase of their life cycle.

So, do your company’s policies put your customers first?


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