Database managers vs. data entry assistant

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There’s a lot of talk in the CRM and technology space about having a CRM strategy and even a database manager.

A major problem within the real estate industry is that CRM is often viewed by agents as a project or a task. Something you have to ‘get done’ or even a software or technology that you can purchase or subscribe to.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – it is not a project or a task.

CRM is a business philosophy! Everyone in your organisation ought to be focussed on CRM. It is a way of life for real estate agents. It is not a quick fix and it is definitely not something you can delegate to an administrative person.

The only way an administrative person can play a role in your CRM is to support the consultants to connect and stay connected with customers. This means adding data, typing your notes and saving them accordingly, scheduling catch-ups, setting notification reminders, sending mass emails and maintaining the company’s administration operations.

The person making the call or sending the message is the person building the relationship. That is the agent. That relationship is the oil that keeps the wheels turning and your most valuable commodity.

A database is a static cluster of information that, if not maintained and continually developed, will date over time. An outdated database is nothing more than a time capsule filled with partially unusable information.

A ‘database manager’ is a misused job title. Managing a database is often an administrative phrase used to describe CRM. This is the responsibility of the consultant and although it may seem like we’re splitting hairs, it needs to be abundantly clear that consultants and business owners cannot delegate the act of ‘managing a database’ to a junior person or administrator.

Once ‘Social Technology’ really kicks in, the strength of the emotional connection you have with customers will be the defining attribute determining whether people will do business with you or not.  

Once again, CRM is not a project, technology or something that can be delegated. CRM is real estate. Managing client relationships is the driving factor behind your success. 

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