Database, Audience and ‘Audience Utopia’

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We often hear people say “we need a database” but a full database of contacts is absolutely useless if it’s not effectively maintained and utilised to connect and stay in contact with clients. However, very few brands actually do this with any sense of strategy or purpose.

Many agents are successful because of the 'word of mouth' hype cultivated as a result of being damn good at what they do. Real estate clients often know each other. They interact socially, swap stories and share their experiences -which is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for a successful agent.

Think of a dinner party as an example; one of the guests (who happens to be one of your clients) shares their recent experience in dealing with you (the agent) and praises you for the wonderful job you did. They verbally promote you (and your brand) to the other nine guests. As a result, you have received 10 positive endorsements from this one event. Pretty powerful stuff.

Today in the modern digital era, social media takes this notion to a whole other level in regards to the size of the audience and its reach. Now when clients want to acknowledge your efforts and share their positive experience, they post it on Facebook. This one post is the equivalent to 1,000 dinner party endorsements. 

A company’s CRM and business strategy should focus on capitalising on audience utopia. This is where you not only cultivate the 1,000 dinner party endorsements, but you strategically stimulate and manage these endorsements through maintenance and upkeep.

Centralise your client’s data. Introduce policies that ensure all buyers and sellers are entered into your CRM with as much information as possible. Ensure that their data and metadata is maintained and updated, religiously.

An effective way to utilise your CRM is to allocate contacts to specific agents. These agents are then responsible for staying connected with these contacts as well as maintaining their data. It’s about making a conscious effort to touch base with their database on a structured level.

There is no point having a CRM or business strategy if the key focus is not placed around putting your client’s needs at the epicentre of your business. Connect and stay connected.

Standardise and align your company’s brand experience to reflect industry leading standards.

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