CRM is not technology, it is a business philosophy

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Many agents feel that they need to ‘work their database better’ or ‘focus more on their CRM strategy’. Perceiving CRM as a task, a project or a strategy means that you risk seeing it as a chore, or something you should do or action.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is not technology and it is certainly not a project. CRM is a business philosophy. It must align your culture and form the basis of your business marketing and technology strategies.

Websites, mobile apps, e-marketing, print correspondence and all advertising collateral are touch points. As are the buyer sheets, phone messages, your mobile phone and any other channels that you may use to connect with your customers.

To ignore this point is to neglect the very essence of our industry.

Once this point is accepted, everyone in your organisation must subscribe to the notion of putting your customer at the heart of the business. This philosophy then influences your marketing and technology decisions

It’s time to put CRM first and build your business around it.

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