Box+Dice is getting into the communication business

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At Box+Dice, we believe that the new era in technology is not about mouse clicks or devices, but in communication. Devices such as laptops, and mobile phones PDA (personal device assistant) phones will gradually become less noticeable and all about connecting people and growing relationships. This just happens to mesh perfectly with real estate.

The next generation apps and desktop platform from Box+Dice will focus on connecting agents directly with their community of growing buyers and sellers. We will be doing everything possible to have our client’s customers feel as if they belong to something and feel cared for. You will hear feedback from your customers such as “We’re already in your system” and “we always deal with {your brand}”. 

When they visit your opens, they feel welcomed because of the perfect blend of quality and respectful real estate service and a technology platform that accesses and delivers the right information as quickly as possible. Even if the sales person is new, the brand is familiar and accommodating, because it remembers them.

When buying and selling real estate, dealing with your brand will  be better because your brand helped them find the right place, were easiest to communicate with and most of all decluttered the mess of messages, email, brochures and the emotional roller coaster of negotiation.

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