Agents should stop concealing their clients within a company brand

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I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but the very fact that agents still want to hide their contacts from each other ‘within your company database’ actually supports and strengthens the web portals such as Domain and REA’s role in the industry. This subsequently strengthens their capacity to raise fees. 

Basic business philosophy 101 says that you should:

  • Put your customer’s needs first and at the heart of your organisation
  • Put your consultant’s needs second
  • Put your company’s needs last

Agents concealing clients from each other reflect the following:

  • Consultant first
  • Company second
  • Customer last

Your customers aren't concerned about who is paid a commission or who claims them as a client. As a matter of fact, they really don’t want to know and are quite perturbed at the amount of commission you are paid.

All real estate companies should strengthen their policies on how agents claim their clients and then disable all restricting rules that inhibit one consultant seeing another consultant’s client list.

The reason that this is so damaging to the agent’s role in the industry is that the portals want and need agents to be as fragmented as possible and also not aggregate company client data.

You see, portals are trying to profile every buyer and seller holistically so that they can charge you more for the right to deal with them. This is their business model - selling you leads.

The same goes for your listings data. The portals only exist because agents refuse to share their listings between each other.

Working together to strengthen customer relationships should be at the epicentre of your company’s focus. Your commission is not at risk of being eroded unless the web portals start feeding back the metadata you worked so hard to acquire. 

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